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Keskiviikko 6.11.2019 klo 18 Cultural Centre Poleeni, Pieksämäki SOLD OUT!
Keskiviikko 13.11.2019 klo 18 Warkaus-Sali, Varkaus
Torstai 14.11.2019 klo 18 Warkaus-Sali, Varkaus
Perjantai 15.11.2019 klo 19 Warkaus-Sali, Varkaus SOLD OUT!
Lauantai 16.11.2019 klo 19 Warkaus-Sali, Varkaus SOLD OUT!

Tickets to Warkaus-Sali also available at Hotel Oscar
Tickets to Poleeni also available at from Poleeni Café

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Concert program available at Warkaus-Sali and Poleeni 5 € cash